Brazilian corn market starts the week with subdued negotiations; the US operates at a moderate high

Maize (Corn)
United States
Market & Price Trends
Published Nov 28, 2023

Tridge summary

Producers in the Brazilian corn market are being cautious, limiting supply to maintain stability in domestic prices. Prices have remained firm in the South and Southeast regions, supported by the containment in supply. Internationally, US corn prices have increased due to robust demand and the dollar's decline against other currencies.
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Original content

Despite growing demand from consumers, producers are adopting a cautious stance, limiting supply and ensuring stability in domestic prices. Internationally, the Chicago Commodity Exchange registered a slight increase. Meanwhile, the dollar oscillates without a defined direction, fluctuating between positive and negative territories. Over the last week, the Brazilian corn market maintained firm prices in the South and Southeast regions. Containment in supply, a result of the cautious attitude of sellers, helps to sustain prices, although the pace of business remains limited. At the Port of Santos, the bag (CIF) varied between R$65.50 and R$69.00. At the Port of Paranaguá, the price was between R$64.00 and R$67.00 per bag. In Paraná, prices ranged from R$56.00 to R$58.00 per bag in Cascavel. In São Paulo, Mogiana recorded values between R$60.00 and R$62.00. In Campinas CIF, the price was R$65.00 to R$66.50 per bag. In Rio Grande do Sul, the price varied between R$64.00 and R$67.00 ...
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