Brazilian fish exports fall by 20% in 2023

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Published Feb 21, 2024

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Despite a 20% decrease in volume, Brazilian fish exports in 2023 saw a 4% increase in total value, reaching US$24.7 million. This was largely due to a 21.2% increase in the average price per kilogram, attributed to a shift in product mix towards fresh fillets. Tilapia and its derivatives were the most exported products, primarily to the United States. Paraná was the leading region in tilapia exports, accounting for 80% of the total.
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Brazilian fish exports in 2023 recorded a mixed scenario, with a 4% increase in total value (US$24.7 million) compared to 2022, but with a 20% drop in volume shipped (from 8,487 to 6,815 tons ). Although the average price per kilogram exported increased by 21.2% (from US$3.49 to US$4.23), this change in the product mix, with a focus on fresh fillets and lower sales of whole frozen fish, was not enough to compensate for the drop in volume. Tilapia and its derivatives continued to be the most exported products, with US$ 23.3 million (increase of 1%). Tambaqui stood out with a significant increase of 809% in sales (US$798 thousand). The main export destinations were the United States (88%), followed by ...
Source: CanalRural
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