Brazilian meat sector says that mobilization of inspectors delays shipment processes

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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A labor mobilization of agricultural inspectors in Brazil is causing delays in the issuance of International Health Certificates for meat product shipments, potentially impacting exports, according to the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA). The mobilization, which began in late January, is a demand for career restructuring for public servants. The ABPA warns that this could put live cargo at risk and disrupt the supply of products due to production line delays.
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SÃO PAULO (Reuters) - A labor "mobilization" of agricultural inspectors in Brazil has posed "difficulties" for the country's meat industry, as it "delays" the issuance of International Health Certificates (CSIs) for product shipments, said the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA). According to ABPA, the inspectors' movement affects agribusinesses that produce and export poultry meat, pork and eggs in Brazil, with a potential impact on exports. The entity did not detail how the processes are being impacted. Brazil is the largest exporter of chicken meat and one of the largest exporters of pork protein. It is also a leader in beef exports. The operation by the Federal Agricultural Tax Auditors, part of a mobilization that began at the end of January, seeks to demand restructuring of the careers of public servants. However, "it also severely penalizes the animal protein sectors that have always publicly defended the valorization of ...
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