Breeder: Welfare elements should not be forced in Poland

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Published Dec 28, 2023

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Dairy breeders in the Polish cattle sector are calling for welfare regulations to be developed in consultation with breeders and milk producers, rather than rigidly imposed from above. They believe that not all welfare regulations are beneficial, such as excessive increases in living space for cows or separating calves from their mothers too late. In response to negative attitudes towards milk production, breeders advocate for open dialogue and transparency, inviting the public to visit their farms and see the good conditions in which the animals are kept.
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What changes do breeders expect so that welfare regulations are better adapted to the needs of the Polish cattle sector? What does the sector need? In the opinion of Adam Warnke, a dairy breeder from the Greater Poland Voivodeship, welfare regulations should primarily be developed with the participation of cattle breeders and milk producers. – Welfare regulations should not be rigid and imposed from above. They should be consulted with breeders and milk producers, because they know best what animal welfare should look like. They know what is the basis of cattle welfare, said Warnke. –These issues should be voluntary – he added. Not all welfare laws are for welfare Our interlocutor pointed out that not all welfare regulations are good for well-being. – One of such regulations is to increase the living space by 50%. I think this is excessive. Today's costs of building a livestock building are huge, and in free-stall barns, cows do not need that much more space, said Warnke. – ...
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