Australia: Breeding stock numbers jump

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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The article provides a comprehensive overview of recent livestock market activities, highlighting a significant increase in cattle offerings to 16,456 head last week, with a notable drop in clearance rates to 48% from 77%, yet an increase in average value over reserve by $20 to $123 per head. NSW dominated both contributions and purchases, with Queensland buyers increasing their stock by 50%. The report also mentions variations in steer and heifer prices across different weight categories, a surge in breeding stock numbers, and a 37% increase in sheep and lamb listings post-Easter, despite an 8% fall in clearance rates. Additionally, it covers the re-entry of Western Australia buyers into the market, acquiring 670 head, while processors remained inactive online for the third consecutive week.
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Original content

Breeding stock numbers jump Cattle offerings doubled to 16,456 head last week. Clearance dropped to 48 per cent from 77pc, although there was a $20 rise in average value over reserve to $123 per head. Benchmark steers 280-330kg stayed flat at $1170, while the AuctionsPlus Young Cattle Indicator fell two points. NSW was the biggest contributor to the market, more than doubling its offering to 9254 head to account for 56pc of the overall head listed. NSW was also the largest purchaser, even with a 6pc drop in purchases. Queensland buyers were again active, buying 50pc more stock than the previous week. It was another quiet week for processors, taking less than 2pc of stock offered. Steer prices were mixed with the 200-280kg category losing $20 on the previous week and the values in 280-330 and 330-400kg categories rising $10 and $54 respectively. The 0-200kg and 400kg+ categories recorded no change with limited numbers offered. Steers 200-280kg more than doubled in offering to 2387 ...
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