US: Broiler sets up, placements down

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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According to the USDA, there was an increase in the number of eggs entering incubators last week, suggesting a larger supply of broiler chicks in early March. However, the number of chicks placed into meat production decreased compared to the previous week and year, indicating a potential shortage of ready chickens in early spring. The USDA will release its next set of annual broiler production projections on March 8th.
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Broiler hatchery numbers were mixed last week.The USDA says 243.609 million eggs entered incubators, up on the week and the year, implying a larger supply of broiler chicks in early March. Average hatchability declined fractionally, now at 79.0%.185.074 million chicks were placed into meat production, down from both the previous week and a year ago, which means a tighter supply of ready chickens moving to market in early spring.The USDA’s next set of annual broiler production projections is out March 8th.Comparisons for Brownfield states:Arkansas: Sets: 24.969 million eggs, compared to 24.606 million a week ago; Placements: 20.455 million head, compared to 20.989 million last weekKentucky: Sets: 7.153 million eggs, compared to 6.788 million a week ago; Placements: 5.342 million head, compared to 5.347 million last weekMissouri: Sets: 8.607 ...
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