Brussels proposes a battery of measures to alleviate the administrative burden on farmers in Europe

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Published Feb 24, 2024

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The European Commission is proposing measures to ease the administrative burden on farmers, including simplifying aid requirements and controls. This includes an online survey to identify issues arising from the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The measures aim to simplify management and environmental requirements, modify rules for calculating permanent pastures, reduce farm visits by national administrations by up to 50%, and clarify the use of the concept of force majeure. There are also plans to potentially exempt small farms of less than 10 hectares from certain controls.
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Brussels has proposed a battery of short and medium-term measures to alleviate the administrative burden on farmers, with simplification of requirements and controls to receive aid. The European Commission will also launch an online survey from March to May to identify farmers' concerns, their burdens and the complexity arising from the rules of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which has been in force since January 1 2023. The first evaluation of the CAP will be known at the beginning of summer and the final one in autumn. The measures, which will be discussed with the Member States at the Agriculture Council on February 26, include simplifying management conditionality and environmental respect requirements that farmers must comply with in order not to see their aid from the new CAP reduced and that sometimes They are "difficult to implement." Likewise, they will propose to go further in the partial exemption from the rules on fallow land for 2024 that was recently ...
Source: Agropopular
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