Bulgaria also says no to Ukrainian sunflower seeds

Updated Sep 22, 2023
Bulgaria has joined the list of countries banning the import of Ukrainian agricultural products under national jurisdiction, as it limits the import of Ukrainian sunflower seeds under pressure from farmers.
"Producers are struggling with extraordinary difficulties, these have been accumulating for years, and there are no quick solutions to a number of issues. But where possible, we will propose to remedy the problems," said Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolaj Denkov, justifying the ban. The Bulgarian Prime Minister announced that the import of Ukrainian sunflower seeds will be banned for the time being, and that he will also hold discussions with representatives of Ukraine about the ban on the import of other products. The uniform regulation, the EU decision on the export ban, expired on September 15, 2023. Before that, there was a debate between the member states to maintain the restrictive measure. At that time, Bulgaria was still among the group of five that voted in favor of restricting the import of Ukrainian agricultural products. The EU regulations expired at the weekend, and the government in Sofia was already on the other side, "wanting to revive market competition", and saw no ...
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