Bulgaria insists on limiting imports of Ukrainian grain to the EU

Sunflower Seed
Published Jan 24, 2024

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Bulgaria is advocating for the European Union to impose tariffs and quotas on Ukrainian grain imports due to the negative impact on local farmers from the competitive pricing of Ukrainian products. The Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture has suggested to the European Commission that import quotas be set for duty-free imports, with duties applied if these are exceeded. The ministry warns that the current situation could lead to a decrease in domestic production and threaten the country's long-term food security. The duty-free trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU has resulted in an influx of cheap food from Ukraine, sparking protests from local farmers.
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Bulgaria insists on imposing tariffs and quotas on imports of Ukrainian grain to the European Union and explains its demand by the “significant” suffering of local farmers after the lifting of restrictions on trade in Ukrainian products. “The increase in exports from Ukraine is a serious concern for producers, as they are unable to compete with the prices of Ukrainian products,” the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture said in a response to a request from Euractiv. The ministry clarified that Bulgaria has significant capacities for the production of refined and unrefined sunflower oil, as well as biodiesel. Bulgarian producers in these sectors are among the largest in the EU. At the same time, Bulgaria does not produce enough sunflower seeds for its capacity and is heavily dependent on imports from Ukraine. The imposition of duties on Ukrainian sunflower and rapeseed seeds will make it more difficult for Bulgarian products to be sold on the world market. When the ban on imports of ...
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