Bulgaria won support for plant and animal production from the EU, aid per product

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Published Apr 19, 2024

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On 25th March 2024, the European Union approved compensation for Bulgarian farmers and breeders affected by the Ukraine war, covering losses incurred in 2023 across various agricultural sectors, including livestock and crops. This financial support specifies amounts per animal and per hectare for different categories, as part of the EU's efforts to mitigate market disturbances caused by the conflict. Additionally, a draft proposal for extending the temporary crisis and transition framework was sent to member states on 17th April 2024. This development underscores the challenges EU countries like Bulgaria and Greece face in supporting their agricultural sectors amid constraints and in the lead-up to the European elections.
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On 25/3/2024, Bulgaria received approval from the EU for compensation of lost income due to the war in Ukraine to farmers and breeders. The application was made in the EU on 19/2/2024 and concerns cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats, tree crops, vegetables, potatoes, carrots, watermelons, greenhouses, etc. Let us recall that the European Commission sent, on 17/4/2024, to the member states for consultation a draft proposal for a limited extension of the temporary crisis and transition framework, in order to continue supporting the primary agricultural sector in the face of ongoing market disturbances. As Mr. Thomas Moschos, livestock breeder and president of the Agricultural Association of Kastoria Makednos, reported to AgroTypos, otherwise Greece cannot strengthen the agricultural sector because the EU does not let it. In view of the European elections, ask yourself what all the celebrities are doing in the European Parliament and what our own government is doing to support the ...
Source: Agrotypos
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