Butchers from Uruguay negotiate with slaughterhouses to lower the price of meat

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Published Nov 17, 2023

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The Union of Meat Sellers of Uruguay is negotiating with local slaughterhouses to lower prices on some cuts of meat in the domestic market. This is a sacrifice for the butcher shops as they are reducing their profits to offer customers better prices and stay competitive. Despite exporting the best meat it produces, Uruguay tries to keep some cuts within the country to serve its consumers at a lower price compared to European markets.
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The Union of Meat Sellers of Uruguay negotiates with local slaughterhouses to lower the prices of some cuts of meat in the domestic market. It is a “big sacrifice,” they said, since the butcher shops reduce their profits to be able to offer customers a better price and in this way, “be within the market,” according to the local media Rurales El País on its website. Thus, their information states that this month they will offer two promotions: on the one hand, the loin ball at a 40% lower price, and on the other, the roast lamb that will be sold at a promotional price. “This offer of loin ball and lamb roast demonstrates the great effort that butchers make for people. The client is the most important thing for us,” said Rafael Rodríguez, vice president of the UVC. Furthermore, from the aforementioned media they add that Rodríguez indicated that Uruguay exports the best meat it produces, but not 100% of it. "For example, we do not export roast meat, even though it could be boned and ...
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