Cajamarca: Production of pine seedlings begins at the Granja Porcón nursery

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Published Apr 22, 2024

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The Cajamarca Regional Reforestation Project, in collaboration with the Porcón Cooperative and the Regional Directorate of Agriculture of Cajamarca, has launched an ambitious initiative to reforest the province of San Pablo, focusing on the headwater areas of the Upper Peru lagoons. By establishing pine seedling production at the Granja Porcón forest nursery, the project aims to produce 600,000 pine seedlings annually over a five-year period. This effort represents a significant step towards environmental sustainability and conservation in the region, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in tackling ecological challenges.
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The Cajamarca Regional Reforestation Project has begun the work of pine seedling in the Granja Porcón forest nursery. The objective is to reforest various areas of the province of San Pablo. In the Granja Porcón forest nursery, 600,000 pine seedlings will be produced annually. Reforestation will be prioritized in the headwater areas of the Upper Peru lagoons. The installation of the nursery was possible ...
Source: AgroPeru
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