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Californian nuts of the USA, fewer supplies to Italy

Noci californiane, meno forniture all'Italia
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United States
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Sep 6, 2022
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Italy is the main European importer of Californian nuts: about half of the fruits that arrive from the USA in the Old Continent end up in our country. But in the last campaign, volumes sold to our country were down by 17.6% according to the latest report by the California Walnut Board updated on July 31st.
A value that could have been influenced by the difficulties present in the global logistics sector, between containers to be found and free spaces on the ships to be awarded, with very expensive freight rates. has never been higher. And more than one trader is noting that last season's unsold inventory is still on the market. Meanwhile, the US Department of Agriculture has released the production estimates for California walnuts: for 2022 we are talking about 720,000 tons, down by 1% compared to the production of 2021. The dedicated area has instead grown by 3%. These data are contained in The Walnut O.M. Survey, a survey that began in 1958 to meet the needs of the sector for an accurate forecast of nut production before harvest. "California - the document reads - benefited from heavy rains and significant snow cover at the end of 2021, however. since then the state has experienced hot and dry conditions. As a result, water allocations have been significantly reduced in many ...
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