Candidates for the European Parliament at the debate in the Chamber of Agriculture

Published May 30, 2024

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A debate was held by the Chamber of Agriculture in Opole, including candidates for the European Parliament from the Lower Silesia-Opole constituency, who discussed modifying the European Commission's Green Deal and controlling food imports from Ukraine. The candidates expressed support for changing the Green Deal due to concerns about its impact on agriculture and the profitability of EU food production. They also suggested imposing an embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products to level the playing field for Polish farmers. The candidates criticized the EU's approach to agriculture and called for representatives who would protect Polish interests in Brussels. Agricultural organizations that attended the debate expressed a need for clearer understanding of the interests of Polish entrepreneurs, including farmers, and suggested that it would be better to train elected MPs rather than hearing what candidates want to hear.
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All candidates for the European Parliament from the Lower Silesia-Opole constituency who participated in the debate organized by the Chamber of Agriculture in Opole supported a modification of the Green Deal and greater control of food imports from Ukraine. On Wednesday, the Chamber of Agriculture in Opole organized a debate of candidates for the European Parliament from all committees operating in the constituency covering the Lower Silesian and Opole voivodeships. The discussion was dominated by the topic of the Green Deal and the rules for importing food from Ukraine. Bogdan Zdrojewski (PO) admitted that the Green Deal documents regarding agriculture include provisions that require modification, but in principle he was against rejecting the entire package of rules. "The statement that this entire program should be thrown away can only result from ignorance and lack of respect for the Polish reason of state," the politician emphasized. In his opinion, the current protection of ...
Source: AgroPolska
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