Canola seeds were distributed in Edirne, Turkey

Updated Oct 3, 2023
Edirne Governor Yunus Sezer in his speech; Stating that he recently participated in an important program about sunflower, he said, “We had the chance to see the first harvest of local and national seeds together there. Today, we are together at a seed distribution ceremony about canola. Our province is a province that stands out with its agriculture. Therefore, it is among the provinces where farming is done in the best way and most consciously in Turkey. We all know that extremely modern technologies are used in sunflower, wheat and especially paddy and that a large part of Turkey's production takes place here. We also believe that we should implement alternative products in our province by taking advantage of the knowledge, experience and talents of our farmers. "In this direction, our Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, our MPs here before us, and our friends working in this direction have important projects, and now we have the opportunity to see the outputs of these projects one by one," he said.
Pointing out that they are ranked 1st in Turkey in canola production, Governor Sezer said, "We only use irrigated agricultural areas for paddy and sunflower production, but this plant has a feature. It is grown in dry agricultural areas and mostly in mountainous areas that are not suitable for agriculture, and its yield is higher than sunflower. It is very high. Today, it is said that the sales price in the stock market is around 12 TL. There is a current sales band of around 15 TL regarding sunflower in the stock market. Again, I think a yield of up to 300 kilograms per decare is achieved. Again, a yield of up to 150-200 kilograms is achieved in sunflower. "When we compare them, we see that the return is very high. We see that it requires less labor, and it is cultivated outside the areas we consider as valuable agricultural lands," he said. Governor Sezer then ...
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