Brazil: Rains limit work in cassava field

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Published Dec 4, 2023

Tridge summary

Heavy rains in November hindered cassava harvesting and field work. Some starch factories are looking to increase production, while others have decreased orders, indicating a potential slowdown in the industry. Despite this, the prices of starched cassava remained relatively stable over the observed period.
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Original content

Rains at the end of November in practically all regions monitored by Cepea limited field work involving cassava roots during the period, especially harvesting. On the demand side, many starch factories consulted by Cepea are still seeking to increase crushing, while others have already reduced receipts, signaling that they will enter a recess in the first half of this month. Farinheiras, in turn, continued to demand greater quantities of raw materials. As for prices, from November 27th to December 1st, starched cassava was sold at an average of R$ 587.83/tonne, with a slight weekly drop of 0.35%.
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