Australia: CBH seeks paddock planning data

Published Jun 14, 2024

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The CBH Group is encouraging Western Australian graingrowers to utilize the Paddock Planner tool to input their planted hectares for the 2024/25 harvest. This online tool helps growers map their properties and estimate crop yields, aiding CBH in efficient network operations and future investments. The tool's usage has increased, with growers like Rochell Walker finding it beneficial for both farm planning and CBH's segregation decisions. Accurate data from the Paddock Planner supports CBH's 'Path to 2033' strategy and has already led to investments such as the 95,000 tonnes of additional storage at Munglinup.
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The CBH Group is calling on all Western Australian graingrowers to submit details of hectares planted on their farms for the 2024/25 harvest using Paddock Planner. Paddock Planner is an interactive online tool where growers can map their properties and enter crop estimates down to a paddock level. While harvest is a long way off, CBH is already preparing. CBH chief operations officer Mick Daw said it was vital growers submitted their hectares planted for harvest preparations and long-term network decisions. "It is important that growers tell us what they have planted so we can plan accordingly and enable the network to operate as efficiently as possible," Mr Daw said. "The good news is growers can adjust their hectares at any time in Paddock Planner as the season progresses, and it's helpful for us if they start letting us know early what they have planted. "In previous years, grain deliveries at some sites were more than what had been submitted, which has the potential to result ...
Source: Farmweekly
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