Brazil: CEPLAC receives a delegation from the Republic of Cameroon to discuss cooperation to revitalize cocoa farming

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) recently held a meeting with a delegation from the Republic of Cameroon, led by Ambassador Martin Mbeng, to discuss a cooperation agreement focused on revitalizing cocoa farming. The discussions, which included representatives from the Executive Committee of the Cocoa Farming Plan (Ceplac), centered on exchanging improved genetic material, adopting good agricultural practices, and implementing a management model that emphasizes training for technicians in partnership with local governments. The agreement aims to enhance the cocoa sector in both countries by focusing on sustainability, production excellence, and socioeconomic development, through advanced cultivation techniques and sustainable resource management.
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The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) received, this Monday (15), at the headquarters of the Ministry, a visit from the delegation from the Republic of Cameroon. The delegation was welcomed by representatives of the Executive Committee of the Cocoa Farming Plan (Ceplac) with the aim of articulating a cooperation agreement to revitalize cocoa farming. Among the topics on the agenda, the possibility of exchanging improved genetic material, the adoption of good agricultural practices, as well as a management model focused on partnerships with municipal and state governments to train technicians and labor were discussed. The Cameroonian delegation, led by ambassador Martin Mbeng, presented proposals and learned about Ceplac's initiatives. On the occasion, fundamental aspects for improving cocoa production were discussed, including advanced cultivation techniques, sustainable management of natural resources and ways to strengthen the production chain. The authorities also ...
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