Cereal prices fall in Spain due to abundant supply and lower consumption

Durum Wheat
Published Mar 5, 2024

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Spanish cereal prices have significantly dropped due to an oversupply and decreased consumption, as reported by Accoe wholesalers. All cereals, barring durum wheat, experienced price reductions in the past week. When compared to January 2023, prices have plummeted by 35.64% for soft wheat, 35.27% for corn, 34.98% for barley, 25.55% for durum wheat, and 32.08% for malt barley.
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Cereal prices have fallen again in Spanish markets, where excess supply and a decline in consumption are expected to be the trend, if there are no events that alter trade, as sources from the association of Accoe wholesalers. All cereals have recorded price drops in the last closed week (until last Friday) except for durum wheat, which has remained stable. The prices and falls have been as follows: soft wheat, 215, 26 euros/ton (-1.66%); corn, 297.41 euros/ton (-1.26%); barley, 206.74 euros/ton (-1.88%); durum wheat, 340 euros/ton; and malt barley, 223 euros/ton ...
Source: Agrodiario
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