Spain: Extra virgin olive oil shoots up to 8,000 euros

Updated Jul 25, 2023
The internal grain market turned around last week, experiencing significant gains following Russia's announcement that it was withdrawing from the existing agreement, under the UN umbrella, for Ukraine to export its grains through Black Sea ports. On Monday, shortly before Moscow announced its decision, the price of cereals fell, following in the wake of what has happened in recent months, in Salamanca and Zaragoza. However, as of Tuesday, the increases predominated, in some important cases, in the other places. In a weekly balance, it could be said that prices registered increases of between 5 and 8 euros per ton. Meanwhile, in the ports, imported merchandise also experienced increases, which ranged between 6 and 9 euros per ton, after having reached a peak of up to 15. Finally, great volatility was registered in the futures markets throughout the week, with significant increases from Monday to Wednesday, while on Thursday and Friday there were many falls. In the end, in the ...
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