Challenges persist for the average price of live cattle in Brazil this 2023

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Market & Price Trends
Published Dec 2, 2023

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The average price of ruminants in October was significantly lower than the average value throughout 2022, indicating a difference of 40 percentage points. According to historical data, the average price should have been R$365.20, but it only reached R$237.84. In November, the average selling price for live cattle is expected to be slightly lower than in October, with a small decrease compared to the historical trend of an increase of 18.7%.
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However, even with this recovery, the average price in October represented less than 75% of the average value reached throughout 2022. This scenario contrasts with the positive index of almost 15% in the history of the last 22 years, indicating a difference of 40 points percentages. In other words, if the average ruminant price had followed history, it would have reached R$365.20 in October, but only reached R$237.84. With just two days left until the end of November, the average selling price for live cattle is slightly below that reached in ...
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