Brazil: Chicken market faces price stability and logistical challenges in Rio Grande do Sul

Published May 14, 2024

Tridge summary

The Brazilian chicken market is experiencing stable to slightly lower prices, supported by stable animal nutrition costs due to steady corn and soybean meal prices. However, heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul have caused significant damage to poultry farming. Despite these challenges, the wholesale market is showing signs of recovery due to increased consumption for paydays and Mother's Day. The export sector is also booming, with a notable increase in April's export revenue and volume. Despite these positives, there are concerns about falling international prices for chicken meat, which is also impacting other proteins.
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Original content

The Brazilian chicken market started the week with stable to slightly lower prices, reflecting an accommodation in prices. According to Safras & Mercado analyst, Fernando Iglesias, animal nutrition costs remained under control, due to the stable behavior of corn and soybean meal prices. However, in Rio Grande do Sul, the situation is more worrying due to the intense rains and their consequences for poultry farming. "It is difficult to measure the size of the damage caused by the floods in the state", highlighted Iglesias. Despite the challenging scenario in Rio Grande do Sul, the wholesale market shows signs of recovery, especially due to the consumption potential with the arrival of salaries and Mother's Day celebrations. "This should drive a slight increase in prices along the production chain," noted Iglesias. In exports, the chicken sector continues to grow, with large volumes expected for the remainder of the year. However, one of the recurring problems is the prices paid for ...
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