Chicken/Cepea: Meat gains competitiveness compared to competitors

Published May 17, 2024

Tridge summary

Chicken meat prices in Greater São Paulo experienced a slight devaluation in May due to low demand, leading to a increase in poultry protein's competitiveness against other proteins. Pork prices began to rise in May due to a leaner supply and increased demand, while beef prices remain under pressure due to high availability, but meat exports could help limit domestic availability and support wholesale protein values.
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Original content

While chicken meat registered a small devaluation in May, compared to the previous month, competitors showed price increases – all traded wholesale in Greater São Paulo. As a result, Cepea research shows that the competitiveness of poultry protein has grown compared to its competitors. For chicken, Cepea researchers explain that the pressure on values comes from low demand in much of the first half of May (with the exception of Mother's Day week), which led wholesale agents to lower prices in order to avoid increase in stocks. In the case of pork, a Cepea survey shows that prices started rising in May, driven by the “leaner” supply and the typical increase in demand at the ...
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