Chile: DGA Valparaíso fines agricultural company for unauthorized water extraction in the province of San Felipe

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Published Apr 12, 2024

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In response to the ongoing drought in the Valparaíso region, the General Directorate of Water of the MOP has imposed a $24 million fine on Agrícola La Higuera Ltda. for unauthorized water extraction and non-compliance with the Monitoring of Effective Extractions system in Santa María. This measure is part of an intensified effort to safeguard water resources, evidenced by an 83% increase in inspections from the previous year and fines exceeding 2.5 billion pesos. The company was penalized for not registering its water collection activities, failing to install mandatory measurement systems, and not controlling or reporting on water table levels, in violation of the Water Code. Furthermore, Agrícola La Higuera Ltda. has been ordered to stop extracting groundwater from a specific well due to the absence of water use rights.
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The General Directorate of Water of the MOP Valparaíso reported that it applied a fine of $24 million to Agrícola La Higuera Ltda. in the commune of Santa María, for unauthorized water extraction and non-compliance with the Monitoring of Effective Extractions (MEE) system. “In 2023 there were 83% more inspections resolved compared to the previous year, with fines that exceeded 2.5 billion pesos and this year that work continues. Above all, in times when the drought has remained in our region, it is required that there be coordinated and permanent action to manage water resources,” said the Seremi of Public Works, Yanino Riquelme. “In the province of San Felipe, the DGA has issued this fine by virtue of an inspection that began in January 2024 in 3 wells of an agricultural company in the commune of Santa María,” he explained. For his part, the regional director of Water, Camilo Mansilla, specified that “this is a relevant inspection, not only because it is an unauthorized ...
Source: MXfruit
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