Chile: Fruit fly eradication campaign began

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Published Apr 20, 2024

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In Chile, the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) has launched a campaign for 2024 aimed at eradicating the Mediterranean fruit fly, a pest detected in San Bernardo, Metropolitan Region, known for its significant agricultural damage. The SAG, maintaining around 15,000 traps nationwide, is intensifying efforts through trap checks, fruit sampling, releasing sterile males, and applying safe chemical treatments, following a successful 2023 campaign. These measures are vital for safeguarding Chile's agricultural sector and its export markets, which require fruit fly-free produce. The public is encouraged to support these efforts by purchasing from reputable stores, not transporting potentially infested fruit, cooperating with SAG inspections and treatments, and reporting any pest sightings.
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After the detection of specimens of the fruit fly in the commune of San Bernardo, Metropolitan Region, the Agricultural and Livestock Service began the 2024 campaign to eradicate the insect. The fruit fly or Mediterranean fly (Ceratitis capitata) is one of the most harmful agricultural pests in the world. The female lays her eggs on healthy fruit, causing it to quickly rot and be destroyed. “The SAG maintains a permanent trapping system that allows for a pest surveillance system. Currently there are about 15,000 traps installed in different regions of the country, which are periodically reviewed in order to control and eradicate the pest in the shortest time possible,” commented Claudio Ternicier, regional director of the SAG of the Metropolitan Region. “In 2023, a successful campaign was carried out that included different communes in the Metropolitan Region and this year we expect the same results,” he added. Related news: Chile: Fruit fly detected in Chimbarongo The SAG ...
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