Chile: SAG reported fruit fly outbreak in Los Andes and San Esteban

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Published Apr 11, 2024

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The Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) in the Valparaíso Region has launched a campaign to combat the fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata, in El Sauce and La Florida, within the Los Andes and San Esteban communes. This initiative involves a comprehensive contingency plan featuring a 7.2 km quarantine zone, sterile insect releases, fruit sampling, trap installations, soil treatments, and the use of food bait, alongside efforts to educate the community. The SAG emphasizes the importance of community cooperation, particularly in granting inspectors access to private properties for pest control, and urges the public and transporters to refrain from bringing plant and animal products through the Los Libertadores border to avoid introducing new pests and diseases that could impact the region's agricultural, livestock, and forestry sectors.
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The Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) of the Valparaíso Region began a campaign to control and eradicate the fruit fly pest (Ceratitis capitata) in the rural sectors of El Sauce and La Florida, in the communes of Los Andes and San Esteban. The entity reported that a contingency plan was activated that considers a quarantined area of 7.2 kilometers around both outbreaks. Among the measures that were implemented are: releases of sterile insect controllers for the insect; fruit sampling tasks; installation of traps at each detection point where pest hosts exist; soil treatment on the properties involved; localized application of a specific food bait; and information dissemination activities in homes. Astrid Tala Díaz, Regional Director of the SAG Valparaíso Region, explained that these are captures in rural areas, where the institution maintains traps as part of the National Sensitive Detection System, which allows this pest to be detected in a timely manner. "It is important ...
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