Chile seeks to advance a solution to the Systems Approach with the United States

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Published Apr 16, 2024

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Executives from Frutas de Chile, led by President Iván Marambio, and Senators Yasna Provoste and Rafael Prohens from the Atacama region, are working to implement the Systems Approach protocol with the United States, aiming to export fresh grapes without fumigation for the 2023-2024 season. This protocol, pending official publication, is crucial for the grape industry, which is significant to Chile's economy, benefiting over 1,500 producers and creating 50,000 jobs in the northern part of the country. The initiative seeks to enhance the marketability of Chilean table grapes in the US by avoiding fumigation, which can compromise fruit quality. Efforts include coordination with various stakeholders, including the Foreign Ministry, the US Ambassador to Chile, and the Minister of Agriculture, to find alternative solutions and improve the industry's position in the US market.
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The executives of Frutas de Chile met with the senators of the Atacama region, Yasna Provoste and Rafael Prohens, with the aim of advancing in the coordination of joint actions that will allow reaching a solution for the publication of the Systems Approach protocol with the United States . The president of Frutas de Chile, Iván Marambio, participated in the meeting, along with the general manager of the institution, Miguel Canala-Echeverría; Rodrigo Gallardo, executive secretary; Ignacio Caballero, executive director of the Chilean Fruit Table Grape Committee and the entity's legal advisor, Luis Fernando Laso, in addition to the senators' advisors. In this regard, Marambio indicated: “As Frutas de Chile we have not stopped at any time looking for instances that allow us to find a solution to be able to implement the Systems Approach or system without fumigation to send our fresh grapes to the United States. This meeting with Senators Provoste and Prohens is an example of that.” He ...
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