Chilean cherry season review

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Published Apr 24, 2024

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The Chilean cherry season has ended, reflecting mixed results with consistent volume but increased prices, signaling a successful season despite challenges. In spite of adverse weather conditions, cherry shipments remained steady at 413,979 tons, with 377,000 tons exported to China, marking a 3.3% increase. However, analyst Manuel José Alcaíno cautions about complacency and emphasizes the importance of market diversification due to the need to accommodate projected annual growth of around 20 million cases. He forecasts a gradual increase in cherry shipments in the coming seasons, predicting volumes of 526,641 tons, 583,088 tons, and 636,145 tons for the next three years.
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The Chilean cherry season has ended with different visions regarding the results. On the one hand, the season resembles the previous one in terms of volume, with a notable increase in prices, suggesting a successful outcome. On the other hand, some analysts have considered it unfavorable, highlighting imminent challenges that need immediate attention. Despite anticipated reductions due to adverse weather conditions, including significant rainfall in November, the volume of cherries shipped remained consistent with the 2022 campaign. China emerged as the main market, absorbing the majority of cherry exports. In total, 413,979 tons were distributed globally, maintaining the level of the previous season. Specifically, exports to China experienced an increase of 3.3% to reach 377,000 tons. Manuel José Alcaíno, in his "Analysis of cherry season results and projections," criticizes the optimistic outlook, warning against complacency that could decrease market ...
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