Chilean citrus exports to fall 4% in 2024

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Published Apr 22, 2024

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The Chilean Citrus Committee has reported a 35% decrease in citrus export volumes this year, primarily due to water restrictions in the Coquimbo Region, which is crucial for citrus production, covering 70% of Chile's citrus planting area. With an expected export volume of 160,000 tons for citrus, including 93,000 tons for sweet oranges and 90,000 tons for lemons, the committee, under chairman Juan Ortúzar, is now focusing on adapting to climate change through sustainable production practices. The majority of Chile's citrus plantations are in the Atacama and O'Higgins Regions, with lemons, mandarins, and oranges being the predominant varieties.
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According to the Chilean website Simfruit, Monserrat Valenzuela, manager of the Chilean Citrus Committee, analyzed that the export volume of citrus will decrease by 35% this year, "mainly due to water restrictions in the main citrus production area of Coquimbo Region". "Chile's citrus planting area is 4,000 hectares, of which 70% are concentrated in Coquimbo Region." Valenzuela added that this year's citrus, sweet orange and lemon exports will be 160,000 tons, 93,000 tons and 90,000 tons respectively. Juan Ortúzar, chairman of the Chilean Citrus Committee, said, "We are working hard to make the citrus industry better adapt to climate change, meet new production challenges, and focus on sustainable production." According to statistics, Chile's citrus fruit plantations are ...
Source: Foodmate
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