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Exports of Chilean nuts add up to USD 631 million between January and November 2021

Exportación de frutos secos chilenos suma USD 631 millones entre enero y noviembre del 2021
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Dec 18, 2021
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By Redacción, @PortalPortuario, The newsletter published by the Office of Agricultural Studies and Policies (Odepa) indicated that exports of nuts achieved the sale of 136 thousand tons, which is equivalent to USD 631 million FOB during the period January-November 2021. In comparison with In the same period in 2020, these values represent an increase of 16.3% in volume and 14.6% in value., The main exported product in terms of value was the walnut in shell, which registered 80,800 tons exported, generating a total of USD 227 million FOB, which translates into 36% of the total value of shipments related to nuts. Its main destination was India, grouping 26%, followed by Turkey with 21% and Italy with 10%. The second product that stands out in exports is the shelled walnut, registering sales of 30,300 tons, equivalent to USD 218.8 million FOB. The above represents 22% of the total shipments of nuts, whose main destination was Germany with 21%, Italy with 12% and ...
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