Chilean kiwi projects growth in its exports

Published Jun 11, 2024

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The Chilean kiwi industry has completed harvesting and is experiencing a recovery in shipments with a projected growth of 7-10% more than last year, according to Carlos Cruzat, president of the Kiwi Fruit Committee of Chile. The markets have been active due to a shortage in the northern hemisphere. This year's kiwi season is expected to be longer and more productive than the previous one, with a focus on promoting the health benefits of the fruit and reinforcing the Chilean origin. However, the season has also presented challenges such as lateness, rain, and frost damage, requiring careful monitoring and strategic marketing of high-quality fruit.
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The Chilean kiwi industry recently finished harvesting. That is why spoke with the president of the Kiwi Fruit Committee of Chile, Carlos Cruzat, who indicated that shipments are currently recovering, at a rate similar to that of last year on the same date. Cruzat indicated that “we are probably going to have a slightly larger volume than the previous year. “We project growth between 7 to 10% more than last year in exports.” As for the markets, he said they have been very active since early in the season, because the northern hemisphere was short of fruit. He explained that the Chilean kiwi industry is "calm", since there are expectations of fluidity in the markets, which is important for the marketing processes. Regarding the current season, the executive commented that it is likely that this week they will begin to export chamber fruit. “It is expected to be a rather long season, given that there will be more fruit than last year and that we left later, ...
Source: MXfruit
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