Chilean table grapes project to end this season with between 57 or 58 million boxes

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Published Apr 19, 2024

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The Chilean table grape industry is experiencing a season with a 5% to 10% decrease in volume, expecting to reach between 57 to 58 million units, attributed to various market performances across regions. North America has seen an 'extraordinary' season due to high prices from supply shortages, while Latin America performed well, China had weaker results, and Europe favored red varieties. Efforts are underway to maintain high fruit quality for the remaining weeks. Additionally, the industry is focusing on improving grape quality over volume, with Chilean producers removing less successful vine varieties, a strategy expected to be adopted by counterparts in Peru and South Africa. This approach aims for sustainable returns and balanced market flows. The pending approval of the Systems Approach with the United States by the Chilean Congress is also highlighted as crucial for future operations and market access.
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( The Chilean table grape industry is now in its final stretch, an ideal moment to carry out an analysis of the behavior, quality and condition of the fruit. In this regard, the president of Uvanova, Rafael Rodríguez, commented that week 14 has been a productively normal season, so in his opinion there is never a perfect season. He explained that in the north the volumes fell below estimates and were earlier, while in the center-south (V-RM-VI) there was a delay and the estimates, except for the early varieties, will be closer than projected. "For the total we continue to think that we are going to be 5% to 10% below the estimate of the survey carried out by Frutas de Chile, which maintains an expected volume of 62.5 million, so I think we are going to be between 57 to 58 million. We are already in the final stretch, with the last harvests, but with a demanding market, some fruit is being packed that is not normally packed." Markets Regarding the markets, Rodríguez ...
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