Chile's citrus export forecast is out, with mandarin oranges dropping by 35%

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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The Chilean Citrus Committee has projected a 4% decrease in the country's total citrus exports for the current season, amounting to 383,000 tons. This downturn is highlighted by a significant 35% reduction in clementina exports, a 9% fall in mandarin exports, and a modest 2% decrease in orange exports, despite a 33% increase in lemon exports. The decline is largely due to water restrictions impacting the Coquimbo region, which is crucial for clementina production, housing 70% of the plantations. Chile's citrus cultivation spans 27,813 hectares, with lemons occupying the largest area and the Metropolitana region being the most concentrated in citrus planting.
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The Chilean Citrus Committee predicts that the total volume of Chilean citrus exports this season will reach 383,000 tons, a 4% decrease from 2023. Among them, the export volume of clementinas and mandarins will decrease by 35% (40,000 tons) and 9% (160,000 tons) respectively, and the export volume of oranges will decrease by 2% (93,000 tons). Lemons are the only category that will increase, and the export volume is expected to increase by 33% to 90,000 tons. Of the 4,000 hectares of clematis planted in Chile, 70% are concentrated in the Coquimbo region (Region 4). Monserrat, manager of the Citrus Committee Valenzuela explained that the production has dropped significantly due to local water restrictions. Currently, Chile has a total of 27,813 hectares of citrus plantations, distributed between the Atacama and O´Higgins regions. The Metropolitana region has the largest planting area, reaching 8,361 hectares. In terms of planting scale, Chile has the largest lemon ...
Source: Guojiguoshu
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