South Africa: China adds a new Hass avocado supplier country

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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In 2023, South Africa secured a significant trade agreement with China, enabling the export of Hass avocados to the Chinese market from April to October. This deal, which emerged from discussions at the 2023 BRICS summit, is aimed at narrowing the trade deficit between the two nations and is part of broader efforts to boost South African agricultural exports to China, including pears and apples. With China as its largest trading partner in 2023, South Africa has successfully expanded its avocado industry and met China's stringent sanitary and phytosanitary standards, positioning itself alongside Kenya and Tanzania as the third African country to export avocados to China.
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Finally, the 2023 trade agreement between South Africa and China to export South African Hass avocado to the Asian giant was finalized at the end of March, according to Westafia Fruit, a leading multinational supplier of strawberry fruit. With the decision, it is expected that the African country's offer will be available for seven months, from April to October. It should be remembered that the above began to be cemented at the 2023 BRICS summit, when it was decided to reduce the trade deficit between the countries by increasing exports from South Africa to China. The nations announced that Chinese companies signed 20 deals to buy products worth nearly $2.2 billion from major South African companies. China was South Africa's largest trading partner in 2023. Over the past five years, the latter has focused on increasing its exports to the Chinese market, where it not only expects rapid growth for its avocados, but also for its pears and apples. Increasing imports from Africa is ...
Source: MXfruit
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