China bought Ukrainian corn last week

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Published Feb 28, 2024

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Chinese importers have reportedly purchased a significant amount of Ukrainian corn for animal feed, with some traders estimating at least 240.00 tons bought in four 60,000 ton shipments, and rumors of more than 10 shipments. The corn, purchased for March/May loading, was priced between $227 and $230 per ton, inclusive of cost and freight to China. This is despite the transportation disruptions caused by Russia's exit from the U.N.-backed safe corridor for Ukrainian grain exports last year.
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HAMBURG, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Chinese importers have bought a considerable volume of corn for animal feed from Ukraine in the last week, European traders reported on Tuesday. The exact volume was unclear. Some traders estimated that at least 240.00 tons were purchased in four 60,000 ton shipments, but there is talk in the market that more than 10 shipments were purchased, all for March/May loading. "Ukrainian corn looks the cheapest in the world and the low prices offered are making it worth the risk of sailing from Ukrainian ports and disruption in the Red Sea," said one trader. "Shipping is believed to have been booked on Chinese vessels through the Red Sea." The prices paid were estimated between $227 and $230 per ton, including cost and freight (c&f) to China, they noted. China is traditionally a big buyer of Ukrainian corn, whose purchases have continued in recent months despite transportation disruptions caused by Russia's exit from the U.N.-backed safe ...
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