China counters EU high tariffs, increases tariffs on European cars, and pursues an anti-dumping investigation into pork

Published Jun 19, 2024

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In retaliation to the European Union's imposition of high tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, China has launched an anti-dumping investigation into European pork imports and is contemplating higher tariffs on European cars. This could heavily affect exporters from Spain, Portugal, and France. German car manufacturers and some EU nations are advocating for a negotiated resolution to avoid further tariff escalations. The situation is evolving, with potential for more intra-European discussions.
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China counters EU high tariffs... Increase tariffs on European cars and pursue anti-dumping investigation into pork [anchor] When the European Union announced a policy of imposing high tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, China also responded in kind. Starting with the anti-dumping investigation into European pork, there are signs of expanding it to include European cars, and related companies in Europe are in tears. This is Bae Sam-jin, a correspondent in Beijing. [reporter] China imported 1.345 billion tons of pork and accessories from Europe last year. In terms of amount, it is $3.3 billion, and the main importing countries are Spain, Portugal, and France. The government accepted the application for an anti-dumping investigation submitted by the China Livestock Association, which accounts for about half of the pork imported by China. This is interpreted as a response to the countervailing tariffs that the European Union decided to impose on Chinese electric vehicles. The ...
Source: Yonhapnewstv
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