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China cuts barley imports in half in 2022

Updated Jan 26, 2023
The yuan value of grain imported into China in 2022 rose by 13.7%, but the volume decreased by 10.7% due to the strengthening of the dollar against the yuan and strict coronavirus restrictions that affected demand. In general, the volume of grain imports - barley, wheat, corn, sorghum, soybeans - amounted to 146.9 million tons. The volume of imports is 21% of the domestic grain harvest. Soybeans accounted for 62% of imports. The volume of barley imports amounted to 5.76 million tons, which is 53.8% lower than in 2021.
However, in 2023 the situation may change due to a warming in relations with Australia. China has already resumed coal imports from Australia, and there have been rumors that the 80% tariff on Australian barley imported in May 2020 could be lifted. After three consecutive record harvests of barley in Australia, there is a large surplus of grain, so Australian farmers are hoping for a resumption of supplies to China. After the cessation of supplies from Australia, China bought mainly feed barley and barley of fair average quality for the brewing industry. In total, China needs 3-3.5 million tons of malted barley per year. In recent years, China has become one of the important export markets for French barley. At the end of 2022, China bought five or six container ships of barley with ...
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