Chinese onion prices rose sharply

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Published Nov 9, 2023

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The price of red onions in the Chinese province of Gansu has been increasing since mid-September and sharply rose at the end of October. This is due to a decrease in onion production in key growing areas and an increase in onion export tariffs in India, a major supplier of onions. The local government in India introduced measures to limit onion exports, causing prices in China to rise. Production in China has also declined due to weather conditions, leading to a further increase in prices. The prices are expected to continue rising, and consumers are advised to buy cautiously.
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The newly harvested onions in the Chinese province of Gansu came onto the market in July. The price of yellow onions has remained stable, while the price of red onions has increased since mid-September and rose sharply at the end of October. And prices are still rising. Jining Greenfarm Import and Export is mainly involved in onion exports. The company's Jack Meng said the fluctuation in onion prices in recent months is related to the reduction in production in some key growing areas and the increase in onion export tariffs in India. "India is a major supplier and exporter of onions and also a major onion consumer. Due to weather conditions, local onion production has been reduced in the new season. To safeguard domestic supply in India, the local government introduced a policy in early September whereby export tariffs were increased to limit exports. As a result, onion prices in China rose in mid-September, but not by much. At the end of October, the Indian government ...
Source: AGF
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