Orange has new price increases in Brazil

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Published Feb 9, 2024

Tridge summary

Orange prices in São Paulo are on the rise due to a limited supply, with the average sale price this week reaching R$ 85.82 per 40.8 kg box, marking a 1.9% increase from the previous week. Late varieties such as the Christmas variety also saw a price increase, trading at R$ 82.35 per 40.8 kg box, a 0.98% increase. The return of rain has led to some orange orchards in São Paulo blooming again, particularly those producing early oranges.
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Original content

Cepea surveys show that table orange prices continue to rise in the state of São Paulo, due to restricted supply. The average sale in this week's partial (Monday to Thursday) is R$ 85.82/box of 40.8 kg, on the tree, an increase of 1.9% compared to the previous one. For late varieties, prices also continue to rise, with the Christmas variety traded at R$ 82.35/box of 40.8 kg, on the tree, an increase of 0.98% in the same comparison. According to Cepea researchers, some orange orchards in the state of São Paulo began to ...
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