Palestine: Climate change feels its impact during date harvest season in Gaza

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Published Oct 4, 2022

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Date growers in Gaza are facing a bleak harvest season, driven by climate change. Local experts urged the government to support date producers for a more unstable future.

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Sanaa Kamal GAZA, 3 October (Xinhua) -- The date-harvesting season in the Gaza Strip, expected throughout September, has not arrived. According to farmers in the region, this is further evidence of the tangible impact of climate change on livelihoods following insufficient spring pollination. Ahmed Baraka, a 70-year-old farmer living in Deir al-Balah, in the inner Gaza city of Gaza, said that about 40 percent of 300 date trees did not bear fruit this season. "This harvest season is the worst in decades... Climate change has greatly contributed to the lack of pollination of date palms," Baraka, a father of six, told Xinhua. Considering that this year's harvest season has been delayed, farmers are worried that the gross yield of this sweet fruit, which is enjoyed at home, may not be encouraging if the harvest ends on time in mid-October. A Palestinian farmer harvesting dates from the date palm tree during the harvest season in Deir al-Balah, in the inner Gaza Strip, on October 2, ...
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