Cocoa: With price appreciation, nurseries see up to a 100% increase in demand and Brazil may expand the area

Published May 21, 2024

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The cocoa market has experienced a significant price drop after a period of appreciation, raising concerns about the global supply of the commodity. Despite this, demand for cocoa seedlings in Brazil, particularly in Espírito Santo, has surged by up to 100%, with efforts to expand cocoa cultivation into non-traditional regions. The country aims to produce around 400,000 tons of cocoa by 2030 to supply both domestically and internationally. There are plans to implement the Inova Cacau plan to benefit the main producing biomes, but there are concerns about the need for public policies and consistent planning to support the sector.
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The cocoa market adjusts after the significant appreciation recorded, supported by concerns about the global supply of the product. In one month, commodity prices fell by 38% on the New York Stock Exchange, but did the good moment bring benefits to the Brazilian producer? According to data collected at the request of Notícias Agrícolas, in some regions the demand for cocoa seedlings and varieties for planting increased by 100% in important producing centers. The report was raised by Eunice Gutzeit - vice-president of the National Association of Cocoa Producers (ANPC). "We can observe a significant increase in demand for cocoa seedlings, with an average increase of up to 100%. However, it is important to highlight that each producing biome is acting differently due to its particularities", he states. Dividing the current scenario between some producing states, the vice-president explains that in Pará - the largest cocoa producing state in Brazil, the predominant variety is the ...
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