Coffee: Expected volatility is confirmed and contracts decline in the US and UK

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Published Dec 6, 2023

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The Arabica coffee futures market experienced devaluation in trading on the New York Stock Exchange due to uncertainties regarding global coffee production and the effects of El Niño on Brazil's conilon and arabica areas. Analysts believe that volatility will continue in the coffee market, but the overall scenario is bullish for prices. The London Stock Exchange also saw devaluation in the conilon type of coffee.
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The Arabica coffee futures market returned to operating with devaluation for the main contracts in the trading session this Wednesday (6) on the New York Stock Exchange (ICE Future US). Operators continue to experience real stress due to the uncertainties regarding global coffee production. El Niño is already having consequences for conilon and arabica areas in Brazil, which increases concerns. "The fundamentals have not changed, they remain the same. The already known climate problems in Brazil and other producing countries, new information from the USDA about frustration, once again, in the Colombian harvest", highlighted the latest analysis from the Carvalhaes Office. According to analysts interviewed by Notícias Agrícolas, volatility will continue in the coffee market, but the scenario is bullish for prices and producers need to be careful not to miss out on good opportunities that may arise. At around 9:11 am (Brasília time), March/24 had a drop of 385 points, traded for ...
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