Maintaining the expected volatility for coffee, New York, US returns to positive operations

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Published Dec 5, 2023

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Arabica coffee futures on the New York Stock Exchange experienced technical highs, with main contracts seeing increases in points. However, the coffee market remains uncertain as concerns about global supply persist, despite higher exports and favorable weather conditions in Brazil. Analysts anticipate continued volatility in the coffee market and advise producers to stay informed and engaged to capitalize on optimal price levels. On the London Stock Exchange, conilon coffee opened with a technical devaluation due to the ongoing harvest in Vietnam.
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At around 09:11 (Brasília time), March/24 had an increase of 40 points, trading for 180.10 cents/lbp, May/24 had an increase of 65 points, worth 177.80 cents/lbp, July/24 had an increase of 35 points, quoted at 178.10 cents/lbp and September/24 had an appreciation of 90 points, quoted at 179.75 cents/lbp. The coffee market continues to go through moments of uncertainty. If, on the one hand, we have data from SECEX indicating higher exports than in the same period last year and the rains in Brazil bring good prospects for next year, doubts regarding global supply remain on the radar. In Brazil, the impacts of the heat wave are still being assessed, Colombia - which expected to reach close to 12 million bags is not expected to reach this number, remaining at 11.4 million. According to analysts interviewed by Notícias Agrícolas, volatility should continue to be observed in the coffee market. The producer needs to be aware of opportunities and participate in the market so as not to ...
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