Coffee prices today, May 26, 2024 in Vietnam: Hot increase this week

Published May 26, 2024

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World coffee prices on May 26, 2024, remained stable with Robusta and Arabica prices for July 2024 remaining unchanged at 3,892 USD/ton and 218.25 cents/lb respectively on the London and New York exchanges. The stability in prices is due to expectations of the Fed cutting interest rates and supply concerns. However, global trade obstacles have led to a shortage of empty containers, causing ocean freight rates to increase by about 30%, which is expected to further increase shipping costs per container by $1,000 from June 1. In Vietnam, the domestic coffee market remained stable with prices trading around 114,500 - 116,000 VND/kg.
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World coffee prices today May 26 In the world, the London and New York exchanges on May 26 had no new fluctuations. In particular, Robusta price on the London exchange for delivery in July 2024 remained at 3,892 USD/ton. And the September 2024 delivery term went sideways; anchored at 3,806 USD/ton. On the New York floor, Arabica price for delivery in July 2024 remained at 218.25 cents/lb. And the September 2024 delivery futures are anchored at 217.35 cents/lb. World coffee prices today remain stable. To summarize this week, both markets increased sharply with Robusta and Arabica prices for July delivery increasing by 374 USD/ton and 11.65 cents/lb, respectively. According to expert Nguyen Quang Binh, this agricultural product is experiencing "strange" developments this week. Expectations that the Fed will soon cut interest rates and supply concerns continue to be the reasons for coffee's recovery. In addition, global trade obstacles hit at the same time, causing a shortage of ...
Source: Agriculture
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