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Colombia: The most sustainable avocado is positioned in the world

Colombia: la palta más sostenible se posiciona en el mundo
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Fresh Avocado
Regulation / Agreement
May 12, 2022
From Agraria
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To promote sustainability among the different actors in the avocado production, packaging, and marketing chain, Cropohass created the 'Sustainable Hass' seal. Currently, 15 Colombian companies already have it and 20 are expected to start the process to obtain their seal of origin in 2022.
( A commitment to sustainable production and cultivation. This is the challenge that the Colombian avocado industry has taken on to position itself in an increasingly competitive world, with products from different origins seeking a space in the market. This is how the 'Sustainable Hass' seal was born, an initiative thanks to which producers and exporters can identify their performance in each of the pillars of sustainability and, from there, establish continuous improvement practices to raise their standard as an organization, also promoting that of the sector in general. It is an initiative of the Corporation of Producers and Exporters of Hass Avocado of Colombia (Corpohass), "and its implementation is due to the will of the businessmen of the Hass Avocado guild to make sustainability one more factor of competitiveness in Colombia and the world”, explains Jorge Enrique Restrepo, executive director of Corpohass. In short, this seal implies a great commitment and ...
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