Commercial milk production in Russia increased by 3% over 4 months

Published Jun 13, 2024

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Russia has seen a three percent increase in marketable milk production in the first four months of this year, reaching 8.4 million tons, according to the Milknews Analytical Center and Rosstat. The largest increase was in agricultural organizations, with a 4.2 percent rise, and overall production increased by 1.9 percent. The most significant increase in output was in Tatarstan, the Penza region, and the Republic of Udmurtia, while some other regions saw a decrease. The production dynamics of various categories of farms has been increasing annually since 2014, with a new millionth figure surpassed each year since 2020.
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Production of marketable milk in January-April of this year increased by three percent from last year’s level or to 8.4 million tons (in official data for milk the units of measurement are indicated in solid weight - ROSNG). This was reported by the Milknews Analytical Center with reference to its own data and Rosstat. At the same time, the largest increase was in agricultural organizations - by 4.2 percent or 270 thousand tons to 6.7 million. Over the same period, farms of all categories produced 1.9 percent more year-on-year, or 10.3 million tons. The center also provided a comment from the head of the Analytical Department of Soyuzmolok, Alexei Voronin. The expert noted that over the last month mentioned, the growth rate in the production of this product slowed from four to five percent at the beginning of the year (from the 2023 level) to 3.2. Of the individual regions in agricultural organizations, the largest increase in output occurred in Tatarstan (by 31 thousand tons), as ...
Source: Rosng
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