Competition between Ukrainian and Russian sunflower oil will intensify, according to an expert

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Published Oct 25, 2023

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Competition between Ukrainian and Russian sunflower oil on the global market will remain intense in 2023/24. Russia is increasing pressure by improving quality, prices, and production volumes, particularly in the key markets of India and China. Additionally, the ban on importing vegetable oils by Iran will lead to increased pressure on Ukraine's export of sunflower oil as all products will now be redirected to the global market.
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She noted that Ukraine remains the world's largest exporter of sunflower oil, despite the disruption of supply chains. However, Ukraine's share in world exports is declining due to increased exports of sunflower oil from Russia. “The pressure from the Russian Federation is increasing... Russian products are exerting pressure by improving quality, prices and increasing sunflower production volumes,” the expert explained. The main “battlefield” in this confrontation is India and China, other countries in Asia and Africa, she added. “Russia is becoming the main supplier of sunflower oil to China... The Chinese are interested in Ukrainian oil, but they will only buy it from Ukrainian ports, namely, shipped from ports. As for India, Ukrainian products retain their market share, but pressure from Russia is increasing,” the expert emphasized. She also drew attention to ...
Source: Oilworld
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