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Competition coming for Spanish greenhouse vegetables in March

Updated Mar 16, 2023
In week 9, prices for the main greenhouse vegetables in Spain remained high for the time of the year. Yet the Andalusian Observatory of Prices and Markets indicates in its most recent report that "international competition will intensify during the month of March". The Spanish information service writes the following about the foreign supply of tomatoes: "The harvest in the Netherlands is very low during this period due to the weak sunlight in February."
"Moroccan tomato exports have increased enormously (+48%) compared to week 8, but are lagging behind the volumes of week 9 of last season. The limited supply from Turkey, largely due to the low winter temperatures, also contributes to the reduced availability of tomatoes on the European market." The average price of tomatoes fell slightly compared to week 8 (-3% for vine tomatoes and -1% for plum tomatoes), while the supply fell by about 15%. Still, prices were higher than those of week 9 in 2022: +28.4% for vine tomatoes, +35.5% for plum tomatoes and +52.8% for round tomatoes. “The completion of the short cycle crops in Almería and Granada has reduced crop volumes and supply remains tight,” the report said. EggplantThe eggplant season has developed since September with very high prices. "However, according to industry sources, the supply so far brought to the market has remained almost the same as last season. Winter temperatures have slowed fruit growth, but have not led to a ...
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