Confina Paraguay: Greater professionalization is necessary to avoid business variables

Maize (Corn)
Innovation & Technology
Published Apr 16, 2024

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The article delves into the complexities of managing corn price volatility in Paraguay's livestock confinement systems, emphasizing the necessity of professional management practices such as advance purchasing and exploring alternative feed sources like sorghum, oats, and wheat bran to reduce corn dependency. It also discusses Confina Paraguay's efforts to enhance livestock productivity through comprehensive supplementation strategies tailored to different life stages, alongside the exploration of antibiotic alternatives in line with the Traceability System of Paraguay (SITRAP). Additionally, the article features insights from Hugo Schaffrath and Horacio Lima of Vilomix / Nación Productiva, underscoring their significant roles and contributions to the organization, which suggests a broader narrative on agricultural innovation and partnership within the sector.
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The variability of the price of corn caused a great impact two years ago on the confinement systems, since many had to stop operating. In this sense, Lima mentioned that the scenario is being recomposed, but that there are fundamental points to take into account to avoid this dependence on business fluctuation. “Yes, it is clear that corn is our main ingredient for confinement, so the most important thing is that the producer must become professional. That is, ensuring advance purchase with a contract, since it is crucial to remain competitive in an area in which we know that the margins are small,” he specified. He added that the ideal is to plan. “I have corn at a good price at this stage of the year, so I have to buy and store, although it is often difficult to have a box for that, but it would be important to do so, because you can make wet grain corn, rehydrate the corn and have stock. ”, he noted. Regarding the point, Dr. Hugo Schaffrath, director of Vilomix, explained that ...
Source: Productivacm
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