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Cooking oil prices drop today in Indonesia, can Zulhas make it right?

Harga Minyak Goreng Hari Ini Turun, Zulhas Bisa Bikin Beres?
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Vegetable Oil
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Jun 22, 2022
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The price of cooking oil today, Tuesday (21/6/2022) was observed to fall after last week's upward trend. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) himself has taken various steps to achieve a cooking oil price of Rp. 14,000 per liter or Rp. 15,500 per kg of bulk. Recently, Jokowi reshuffled the cabinet and replaced the leadership of the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag), from Muhammad Lutfi to Zulkifli Hasan (Zulhas). Jokowi gave Zulhas a special task, the availability of food throughout Indonesia at affordable prices. Especially for the Jakarta area, it is observed that cooking oil prices are in a downward trend. Today, Tuesday (21/6/2022), Jakarta Food Information reported that the price of cooking oil fell by Rp.76 to Rp.15,875 per kg. This price is close to the highest retail price target (HET) targeted by Jokowi. Nationally, the Strategic Food Price Information Center (PIHPS) noted that today's cooking oil prices fell.
Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - The following are the details, data quoted on Tuesday (21/6/2022, 10.12 WIB): - Bulk cooking oil decreased by IDR 50 to IDR 18,000 per kg - Branded packaging 1 decreased from Rp.650 to Rp.25.950 per kg - branded packaging 2 decreased by Rp550 to Rp24,500 per kg. Compared to yesterday's prices, the Ministry of Trade's Market and Basic Needs Monitoring System (Kemendag) noted that the price of bulk cooking oil on Monday (20/6/2022) rose by Rp300 to Rp16,500 per liter compared to June 17, 2022. For simple packaged cooking oil, it was observed that it increased by Rp. 100 to Rp. 22,500 per liter from the previous Rp. 22,400 per liter. While the type of premium packaging since June 17, 2022 is perched at Rp. 25,700 per liter. Meanwhile, Zulhas admitted that he ...
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